About Us

The objectives for which the company is established are:

  • To provide charitable services for the relief of suffering, distress, misfortune or helplessness of people with physical or mental disabilities and other disadvantaged people who have difficulty either obtaining or maintaining employment. This is to be achieved through the provision of secure and supportive employment and training opportunities within an operating commercial business environment such as (without limitation).

    - Social enterprise in its own right

    - Collaboration and partnering with other community groups for mutual benefit

    - Collaboration and partnering with government, industry and business for mutual benefit

  • To work with health and other professionals to educate the community in relation to the issues surrounding the needs of individuals experiencing these challenges and their families and other support groups.
  • To advocate on behalf of individuals and communities experiencing these challenges, for the improved provision of community support and services.

Building Partnerships

We collaborate and build partnerships
with government, industry and business.


I am an advocate and champion for the rights of all people who are disadvantaged within society or who have a disability. I serve on the basis of dedicating my time and expertise to a cause close to my heart.
Bernie Scott

Bernie Scott, Director